Smart Home devices/Hubs with Amazon Alexa or Google Home

Home Automation allows you to program and schedule events for the devices in your home. By using a home automation hub or smart devices, you can control lights, appliances, security, monitor and control energy usage, etc. When I posted a blog about Insteon and SmartThings smart home options in 2015, I was hoping that technology companies would develop devices or systems with voice command to control devices that would benefit everyone, especially persons with limited mobility.

Amazon Alexa and Google Home have become popular and offer smart home products on the market. Voice command features on Alexa Echo and Google Home have expanded the smart home environment. Today many companies are trying to develop products to integrate their products with Amazon Alexa and/or Google Home.

You may already have a home automation hub or are considering to purchase a hub or smart devices that work with Alexa or Google Home. If so, you may find the following articles helpful.

Everything that works with Amazon Echo and Alexa:

Samsung SmartThings and Alexa Working Together
posted by Automate Your Life 2018 (YouTube video)

The best Google Home-compatible smart home devices:

Google Home Hub Setup & Home View Walkthrough
posted by Tech With Brett 2018 (YouTube video)

How to use Amazon Alexa and Google Home together at home

Ultimate Home Automation System with Google Home & Alexa. Smart Home Tour Setup Ideas Devices
posted by Rick Buck 2018 (YouTube video)

It looks like some devices have limitation to integrate with Alexa or Google Home. Especially front door lock may not be integrated because of security reasons. It is recommended that you make sure to check the compatibility. Local hardware stores have started carrying some smart home products so we will be seeing more smart devices and expanded features near future.

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