Welcome to “Technology Options for Special Needs” site.

This blog site was created for promoting collaboration and teamwork efforts to help individuals with disabilities and contributing to the success of the DC Assistive Technology Program.

I believe that individuals with disabilities including severe developmental disabilities have many talents and skills. I believe it is our moral duty to help them discover their talents and provide them with opportunities to grow and succeed in life.  For example, the Assistive Technology Program for the District of Columbia (ATPDC) is working together with the DC government Department of Disability Services, schools, and organizations to help individuals with disabilities.

Let’s work together to explore, discover, and evaluate creative applications of technology so that we can improve our educational and lifelong learning environments for the children and adults with special needs.

Visit your local Assistive Technology center in your state.  If you live in DC, visit the DC Assistive Technology Center (http://atpdc.org) to explore technology options.

You are also welcome to contact me (Kaz) if you would like to get more information about assistive technology ( e-mail: solutions@ross.engineering or at https://ross.engineering).