Closed Captioning / Transcription Tool

Videos are entertaining and very effective in helping visual learners if they have difficulty understanding in a traditional learning environment. In addition, many students can engage in active learning by using videos, which makes learning more fun and interactive.  

However, video/Audio without captions are difficult for the deaf or hard of hearing persons to understand. Adding captions to video contents helps creators to deliver the message better to many audiences.

It is not easy to create transcriptions, however, if you want to help deaf or hard of hearing persons and include them in learning and social environments, it is recommended that you use a closed captioning (transcription) tool or service to provide text when you use videos or audio materials. Here are a few of examples you may want to try. Some software provide transcription only (speech to text) and others offer additional features (i.e. sync text to a video).

Temi (Transcription tool)

One transcript trial is free. Then 10 cents per min. No subscriptions. No minimum.
Turn around: Transcripts back in minutes /shorter files delivered faster.

Voice Typing in Google Docs

This is a Voice Typing (Speech to text) tool and it will not sync to your video, but it allows you to create your own transcription.

Amara (Closed captioning – online)

Amara Subtitles Online Subtitle tool
Published on Oct 10, 2014

Aegisubs (Download required)

UscreenPublished on Feb 28, 2018 (AEGISUB How to add Subtitles using AFQISUB)

Free.  Download the software.

You can create and modifying subtitles on your computer.
More flexible to place the captions in the video.
a built-in real-time video preview.

Youtube – Add your own subtitles and closed captions


VisualSubSync (Download required)

Create and place a caption with a certain timestamp position.

Jubler Subtitle Editor (Download required)

Offer OS version for Mac

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