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Challenges in remote education

School districts have need to provide a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) to students with disabilities. However, during this Covid-19 pandemic, educators face great challenges to deliver education to their now remote students including those with disabilities. Some students … Continue reading

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Narrator (Ease of Access feature – Windows)

Text-to-speech technology can help people with vision impairment and learning disabilities. Third-party applications include advanced features such as converting speech into MP3 files or converting text into Braille (Jaws), but if you are not looking for the advanced features, the … Continue reading

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Virtual Assistant – Cortana

You may be familiar with using Siri and Google Assistant as your virtual assistant apps. Cortana is Microsoft’s own virtual assistant app. It is similar to Apple’s assistant Siri. In Windows 10, you can use Cortana with voice commands to … Continue reading

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Speech Recognition (Ease of Access)

Do you know that you can use the Speech Recognition feature in Windows by using your voice for dictation on your computer without buying any special speech recognition software? Admittedly, you may find the accuracy of voice recognition varies depending … Continue reading

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Windows On-Screen keyboard

MS Windows 8 and 10 have several ways to use the On-Screen keyboard feature. The following is one method to start the On-Screen keyboard. Using shortcut keys: Windows logo key + Ctrl + O to start the On-Screen keyboard (press … Continue reading

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Windows Magnification features

Online education has many advantages for students with disabilities by allowing these students access to digital format materials remotely and attending classes at a flexible time. While printed textbooks are still popular, the world of education is becoming more digital … Continue reading

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Reading and Writing Support software

This month’s blog compares the following three literacy support software packages. Texthelp Read&Write GOLD, ClaroRead Plus and Kurzweil 3000 for Windows are popular literacy support software programs. You may want to compare the features and identify which literacy support software … Continue reading

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Special needs chairs

Persons with disabilities require proper seating to help make a difference in terms of day-to-day activities.  The following chairs are just some examples of chairs that accommodate special needs. Leckey Pal Classroom Seat Leckey Pal Classroom seat provides Pelvic Stability … Continue reading

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Robot-assisted feeding (RAF) Systems

Eating and drinking independently are difficult for persons with disabilities because of a range of issues such as weakened grip, loss of arm functions, tremor, etc. Low tech options lightweight thick handled cutlery for reduced strength or heavier handle utensils … Continue reading

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ReadEasy Evolve

ReadEasy Evolve from Irie AT Inc is a Reading device for persons with low vision or blindness. It is a portable, stand-alone device. Scan and read documents, books, recipes, bank statements, product packaging, etc. up to 11”x17” in size with … Continue reading

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