Aids for Daily Living – ECU

What is Environmental Control Unit?
Environmental control unit (ECU) permits remote control of electronic devices for the individuals surroundings such as their home temperature and entertainment systems. This allows a person to turn on or off lights, a radio or television, and use a phone and or unlock a door from a remote or other room location.  Any part of the person’s environment can be controlled depending upon the system’s complexity.

Home Automation/Environmental Control/
Electronic Aids for Daily Living (EADL)

Options using Cell phone

Dynamic iPortal

Home Runner RBI

X10 system

Indigo (Mac-based x10)

Lockitron – unlock your door with your phone

Environmental Control Units for quadriplegic and Physically Disabled

AAC with ECU
Glen – Assistive Technology  (from YouTube)

Glen is showing how to use the Environmental Control options from his Augmentative and Alternative Communication device.