Aided Language Stimulation

When an individual has difficulty to communicate verbally, we supplement what they can do with more ways to enhance their communications.  We may try writing, sign language or pictures.

It is suggested that persons with physical or cognitive disabilities often require formal evaluations to select an AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) device with the involvement of a Speech Language specialist to set a long-term goal for each development stage.  

However, most AAC devices are expensive and often require a long wait time to receive funding through an insurance company. There are many free or affordable AAC apps that are available for mobile devices (Android and Apple IOS).

Mobile devices

App Store (IOS Devices) & Google Play (Android Devices)

If you are planning to review a few Augmentative and Alternative Communication apps before you install on your mobile device, you can search the apps with a keyword.

Go to Google Play:
Example: Search with a keyword: AAC apps free

The search shown above

If you do not have IOS devices (i.e. IPhone/IPad) and would like to find out what Apps are available for IOS devices, you can download iTunes onto a Windows PC and then go to the iTune store on your Windows computer.

How to Download iPad Apps From iTunes on Your PC or Mac and transfer to iPad

Whether you are going to work with a speech language specialist or are trying to find if these free apps work, most importantly, the commitment and interaction of using the communication device with the individual who needs an AAC device are the keys for the success.

Aided Language Stimulation Explained

Aided Language Stimulation Explained
YouTube ( Posted by Icpsat 2015)

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