PhET Interactive Simulations

The PhET website offers free teaching Math and Science activities contributed by the PhET team and user community. Teachers, students, parents, and others can sign up at their website to access the free resources and activities. The simulations are written in Java, Flash or HTML5 (Open source) and work in any browser, or you can also download them to use. In addition to the site’s simulations, you can download many lesson plans and available resources. It is great resources for teachers and home schooling parents to implement the same lesson plans or create your own and contribute it to the community.

You can select a subject (Mathematics, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, and other subjects) with different levels (K-5, MS, HS, UG-Intro, UG-Adv, Grad, and others). Some learning materials are available in different languages. Unfortunately most of the simulations are not accessible to all students with disabilities. So these students will need additional support from instructors and parents.

What is PhET? (from YouTube posted by PhET Simulations)

Here are a few examples of Simulations taken from the site:

Fraction Matchers- This simulation asks to match fractions using numbers and different picture patters. Students can answer independently.

A sample screenshot of the Fraction Matchers Simulations

Fraction Matcher simulation link: click here.

Projectile Motion
Determine how each parameter (initial height, initial angle, initial speed, mass, diameter, and altitude) affects the trajectory of an object, with and without air resistance.

A sample screenshot of Projectile Motion Simulations

Projectile Motion Simulation link:

You can find more activities here:

Additionally, PhET team are creating prototypes of accessibility activities.
There are prototypes so some activities may not fully accessible to students with various disabilities.

You can hear sounds and sees the temperature gauge goes up whenever you try to slide the chemistry book sideways. The faster you move, the temperature goes up faster as well as providing more sound.

A sample screenshot of accessible activities – Frictions simulations

Friction simulation link:

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