Microsoft Math Solver

Students often need resources or tutors to help them with their school work. Mathematics is one of the subjects which you need to understand the steps of solving each problem before you can tackle problems independently. Additionally, parents can certainly benefit by having a way to verify the answers when they help their children.

Microsoft Math Solver will be able to help students and their parents in certain types of Mathematics such as Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, and Matrix mathematics. This app can be very useful for students who are learning higher levels of math after elementary school.

Microsoft Math Solver calculator screen

You can use Microsoft Math solver app from the website at: Microsoft Math Solver Website or Microsoft Math solver app which you can download from Apple Store or Google Play store from: Download link

The following is an example of entering equations with “Draw” option on a tablet.
Surprisingly, it recognized these sloppy hand drawn equations, converted them to typed equations, and solved the problem with step-by-step instruction.

An example of “Draw” option to enter a problem
The steps of using substitution to solve the problem

Besides the “draw” option, you can “type”, “scan”, and get answers with step by-step solutions. For example, taking a picture of an equation on your phone or typing an equation from their app works well. Additionally, it gives you similar problems to practice with and offers support videos.

If you are working on a mobile device, you can send the solution link via email so that you can review it on your desktop. Here is what I saw after sending the link of the example problem above via email.

Microsoft Math Solver does not solve word problems. You have to know the order of operations in mathematical equations so that you will get a correct answer. However, Microsoft Math Solver certainly seems to be very helpful to support students.

Here is a YouTube video posted by AccessAbility Services (YouTube 2020)

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