Persons with conditions such as ALS/MND, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Cerebral Palsy, and Spinal Cord Injury have limited mobility to access computers and devices. As a result, some assistive technology devices such as switches and keyboards may not be fully useful to support their needs. However, NeuroNode3 from Control Bionics can be a solution to control devices and environments better so that the individual can increase his/her independent skills.

NeuroNode3 and Control Bionics devices

NeuroNode – How It Works
(YouTube: Jan 15, 2020)

It is exciting to see different companies working together to combine technology solutions which can help persons who face severe disabilities. Combined with Google AI and NeuroNode’s smart speaker, you can set alarms and reminders, control environments (i.e. lights), alert a caregiver, check the weather, play music, Internet search, etc. NeuroNode3 expands the access options to AAC (Alternative Communication) devices which allows them communicate with others and expand social activities. Control Bionics NeuroNode and Obi Robot can help people with limited mobility eat meals independently.

Obi Robot + Control Bionics NeuroNode!

Obi Robot + Control Bionics NeuroNode!
Obi being operated with the latest technology in communication devices, the NeuroNode.
(YouTube Apr 13, 2021)

As far as funding, Controlbionics states that their funding options are continuously expanding. It looks like they can offer funding through Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Health Administration, private insurance, and various education systems.

For more information:

Control Bionics Products

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