Visually impaired often do not have the opportunity to enjoy reading the same materials (i.e. braille format books) with sighted individuals in a family setting together. SENSEE offers products that both the sighted and the visually impaired can enjoy reading together because their books have braille and normal characters plus pictures on the same page.

Sighted individual and visually impaired enjoy reading the same book

SENSEE braille conversion and special printer produces books both braille and letters. Drawing books and Tactile books can create a learning environment where the visually impaired can touch the shapes of objects and feel the shapes, objects, and pictures so that they can also learn how to draw. Additionally it appears SENSEE can customize learning materials.

Braille, letter, and pictures in the same book
Tactile Drawing

Cost and Time saving between SENSEE products and existing options on the market are shown below.

DescriptionExisting SolutionsSENSEE
Period6 months – 1 year1-5 days
QualityLow Only BrailleHigh Braille with text and images
Cost comparison Information taken from

It looks like the company, SENSEE is located in South Korea. However, if you are considering to create educational materials and would like to know more information about the cost, you may contact them via email. Their email is listed at the website:

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