Dot Watch

Dot Watch is a smartwatch which can be used with or without connecting to mobile devices.  The significant difference between the Dot Watch and other smartwatches is that the device offers a braille display made up of 24 small pins for visually impaired users. As a standalone use, the Dot Watch shows time, timer, stopwatch, and battery level in Braille. You can use the watch that can tell you the time down to the second.

If you use a Dot watch with your smartphone, it vibrates and tells you who is calling you, read memo, and provide you with other additional features. Dot Watch reads messages and personal information through Brail output without a sound. This is helpful when users are in the environment they prefer not to use audio output.  Additionally, you can use it to learn Braille with your Smartphone. For example, if you type on your phone, it will display the letter on the Dot Watch in Braille. One of the useful features is that you can find your smartphone or Dot Watch by using their app. For example, when you misplace your smartphone, by pressing twice the Dot Watch, your phone will ring, vice versa, you can use an app on your smartphone and locate the Dot Watch because it vibrates.

Dot Watch

Supported Languages: Korean, English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), and Vietnamese.
Compatible with iPhone (iOS 9 or above) and most Android smartphones (Android 4.4.4 or above).

Dot Watch uses the settings of smartphones (i.e., notifications from texting, news, calendars, reminders, etc.) and stores up to 50 notifications. You may need to turn off some notifications on your phone so that you can limit sending extra notifications to the Dot Watch. Most users indicated that they like the Dot Watch, but some pointed out a need for additional enhancements such as battery life and automatic time update when the watch is not synced to your phone, user manual enhancement, and support.

The company (DOT Incorporation) is located in Seoul, Korea. They specialize in developing technology to help persons with daily challenges. Amazon shows the Dot Watch is not currently not available for purchase, but the price on their Website shows as $299.00 – $333.00. However, you will need to be aware that the total cost is subjected to import duties and taxes. Additionally it is recommended that you find out what the warranty and repair costs are before you purchase. You can find out more information via email address at: or You can find more information at:

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