Scribe by Pneuma Solutions

Pneuma Solutions has developed a transcription tool (and service) called ‘Scribe’ to help persons who are blind or low vision and those who support them. Pneuma Solutions was founded by two accessibility developers Mike Calvo and Matt Campbell.

Too often we do not realize that formats and documentations on online are not accessible to blind or low vision persons. According to the article, March 2021 AccessWorld, AFB (American Foundation for the Blind), written by Deborah Kendrick , Scribe can convert inaccessible online documents to accessible information. It offers a 96- percent accuracy rate documents with different languages and file formats, including braille, large print, rtf, mp3, epub, pdf, plus a few others.

Scribe makes content shared onscreen to accessible to persons with Low vision or blind participants in real time during the meeting. Additionally you can forward the meeting notes to the participants with accessible file formats after the meeting. The cost is 99 cents per page for their digital remediation’s service.

If you are an educator and work with print disability students, you may want to contact Pneuma Solutions directly. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company is offering Scribe for Education free of charge to qualified teachers.

Below are more information about Scribe from Pneuma Solutions.

Pneuma Solutions contact:
Digital document remediation:
Scribe for Meetings (BETA):
Scribe for Education: https: //
or email to:

The article about Scribe and Pneuma Solutions by Deborah Kendrick – Click here.

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