Mod Math – iPad app

Mod Math is an iPad app developed to help children with dysgraphia.
Children with dysgraphia can understand math concepts, but they can’t write clearly enough to keep number columns and solve Math facts (i.e. add, subtract, multiply, or divide multi-digit equations). Mod Math app is designed to help students solve equations step by step on an iPad. Students can reduce trouble of writing down and erasing the equations with pencil and paper over and over again while solving Math questions. Additionally, children with dyslexia, ADHD, autism, dyspraxia and other disabilities can benefit from using this Mod Math app.

Mod Math Screen

There is a free version and a paid version which comes with additional math symbols like pi, infinity, sigma, etc. Additionally, you can print out the work pages and send it via email or text, or upload it to Drop Box. The company ( is a not-for-profit organization so they rely on donations from the app development. They are hoping to add even more features to meet requests and demands such as support for Android devices and Chrome book. They also want to offer a full alphabet keyboard, adjustable font size, and the ability to input complete worksheets, graphing function, etc.

YouTube – ModMath Tutorial (posted by SETC Special Education Technology Center 2017)

Mod Math Tutorial (YouTube link)

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