Online Education Tips

Many schools shut down due to the COVID-19 all across the world. Education has changed dramatically and has been forced to teach students remotely on digital platforms.There are many challenges in delivering education remotely. Without a computer equipment, technology, and reliable Internet access availability, a student cannot participate in digital learning. The gap is large between the income brackets. Students with disadvantaged backgrounds and students with disabilities are struggling to access the education and keep up with their school work in today’s virtual learning environment.

However, some students who can access to the education through online have found it effective because they can access more learning materials and faster. Another advantage is they can learn at their own pace and review materials repeatedly to understand the concepts.

If you are planning to design learning materials, some advice from educators are:

  1. One important teaching principle is to focus on the topic and concepts, not on technology products that can actually distract from the core curriculum.
  2. Try to make the course asynchronous (time independent) so that the student can learn as his/her pace vs having to keep pace with other students. This can be a big benefit of online programs.

    One of the most important tasks is to design and make courses inclusive of all students (Universal Design in Education).

20 Tips for Teaching an Accessible Online Course


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