Windows On-Screen keyboard

MS Windows 8 and 10 have several ways to use the On-Screen keyboard feature. The following is one method to start the On-Screen keyboard. Using shortcut keys: Windows logo key + Ctrl + O to start the On-Screen keyboard (press all these keys at the same time).

Windows log key, Ctrl key, and O

Then you will see a virtual keyboard on your screen. If you have a touchscreen laptop, you can now use your finger. Or use a mouse, headmouse or eyemouse for typing with this Virtual Keyboard.

On-Screen Keyboard

Once you enable the On-Screen keyboard you can activate the Options key, and select which options you want to use.

Options (On-Screen keyboard)

Options are:

  1. Use click sound – You will hear a sound when you press a key.
  2. Show keys to make it easier to move around the screen- You will see the key to light up when you click or hover over on the key.
  3. Turn on numeric keypad – show a numeric keypad
  4. Click on keys – click or tap the On-Screen keys to enter text.
  5. Hover over keys– By using a mouse or joystick to point to a key, the characters you select will be entered automatically when you point or hover over to the selected keys.
    Note: make sure to check if the setting of “show animations on Windows” is on when the Hover over keys option does no work.
  6. Scan through keys – Select a key from the option, initiate scan mode, and it will highlight areas by using the shortcut key. Using a switch input device, or using a device that simulates a mouse click, you enter the character.
  7. Use Text Prediction -This option will suggest words as you type so you can select the word without typing the complete word.
Turn on “Show animations on” to make the Hover over option work

Another way to start the On-screen keyboard:
Press Windows key + I and go to the Ease of Access, under the Keyboard section, turn on the On-Screen keyboard.

Another method:Turn on the On-Screen Keyboard from Ease of Access, Windows Settings

Other ways to start On-Screen keyboard:

Other types of On-screen keyboards:

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