Special needs chairs

Persons with disabilities require proper seating to help make a difference in terms of day-to-day activities.  The following chairs are just some examples of chairs that accommodate special needs.

Classroom seat

Leckey Pal Classroom Seat

Leckey Pal Classroom seat provides Pelvic Stability with a combination of a two-point lab belt and side pads for lateral stability.

Corner chair

Corner chair

Kay Corner Chairs are made for users who need support of the head, trunk, and pelvis in order to help develop an upright sitting posture and align the head and trunk.

Lifting seat assist

Lifting Seat Assist

This Uplift Power Seat Assist helps a person who has trouble sitting down or standing up from any armchair or sofa.

Bath Chair

A Special Needs Bath Chair is shown on the left.

Stair Climber chair

Stair climber chair

Stair climber offers a solution for transporting an individual with their own wheelchair or a model that has a built-in seat to climb up or down stairs.

Stair Climbing Wheelchairs

Stair Climbing Wheelchairs

Scientists and university research groups have been working on the proto-types of stair-climbing wheelchairs to improve the mobility and quality of life for people with disabilities. Here is an example of a proto-type stair-climbing wheelchair.

Lex wearable seat

Lex Wearable seat

Lex chair may not be for persons with disabilities, but you can carry the wearable chair around your waist and thighs and set up a chair whenever and wherever you need. In addition, this exoskeleton chair actually aligns your spine and maintains your posture as you sit.

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