ReadEasy Evolve

ReadEasy Evolve from Irie AT Inc is a Reading device for persons with low vision or blindness. It is a portable, stand-alone device. Scan and read documents, books, recipes, bank statements, product packaging, etc. up to 11”x17” in size with its 5K resolution camera. This is one of the attractive features because you are not limited to read only letter size documents. ReadEasy Evolve has built-in tactile controls such as selections of switching between a letter size and a larger size document and allows the user to capture, play, pause, read with variable speeds, and navigate the documents easily. It reads the materials within seconds after pressing a single Button. You can scan multiple pages, which is guided by a voice prompt when you turn a page and press a button to scan each page.

ReadEasy offers variety of natural sounding voices based on your preferences including children, adult, female, male, UK/American English, and Spanish. ReadEasy Evolve can automatically detect and read different languages, even switching automatically between languages in the same document. Once you connect to a monitor, you can magnify the text or see highlighting during reading on the screen and export scanned documents to you PC. It also supports a touch-screen computer. Additional options are available by using Feature Pack. Find more information from the following YouTube video and the Irie-AT Inc website at this URL.

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