TV Accessibility features

It is not easy to engage in digital content for persons with disabilities such as finding out what is on TV or navigating the TV. Some TV broadcasting companies are trying to offer accessibility features so that these individuals can enjoy watching TV independently.

For example, Spectrum Broadcasting offers accessibility options such as an audible TV guide and downloadable video app for customers with visual impairments. A Spectrum Receiver with Spectrum Guide Narration includes full text-to-speech support of the Spectrum Guide so that persons with visual impairment can explore many TV shows and movies. Spectrum also offers closed captioning options which include Text Color, Text Size, Text Transparency, Font, Background color, etc. for the deaf.

Optimum Broadcasting offers services in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Long Island. Optimum offers accessibility features such as closed captioning, chat, caller ID, visual voicemail, Text/Email Alerts for Deaf and voice guidance, talking guide, and voice commands for persons with limited mobility (more info).

Persons with limited mobility or physical disabilities may have additional challenges such as speech impediment. As a result, they are not able to change channels, navigate the X1 programming guide, and set up recordings by voice. Comcast is planning to include eye gaze control to its X1 cable platform in addition to existing accessibility features (i.e. voice control). The eye control feature will help individuals with physical disabilities navigate TV channels independently. It looks like it will support most eye gaze hardware and software on the market such as Tobii. Hopefully more TV broadcasting companies will include and expand accessibility features to accommodate persons with disabilities.

Meet Jimmy | See How Our Technology Is Enabling Him to Be More Independent
(Youtube video by Comcast June 2019)

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