Kitchen Robotic

Home automation for the elderly and disabled focuses on helping them to become more independent and be more comfortable at home. You may already know of some home automation/robotics products that perform or help in household chores such as a robot which can vacuum floors, or another that controls lights and temperature remotely.

Cooking is difficult for many disabled or elderly. A company called Moley Robotics ( introduced an intelligent cooking robot a few years ago and is planning to start selling in 2019. However, the price will be very high and the product is not easy to purchase for those on a middle-income. Developing Kitchen Robotic face challenges such as making available with low cost to all disabled persons, making the system user-friendly so that they can operate easily, and customizing to each individual’s needs, capabilities, and their environments.

Kitchen Robotic

YouTube Video: Moley Robotic

An automated kitchen idea is adapted not only for disabled persons, but also it may also help to serve meals faster and more reasonable. Spyce Kitchen ( founded by MIT mechanical engineering graduates in Boston opened a restaurant where meals are prepared in a fully automated, robotic-powered kitchen. Each meal can be cooked in 3 minutes and costs only $7.50. We hope that Kitchen Robotics developed for home will be offered to public like this at an affordable price in the future so that elderly and disabled persons can enjoy meals at home.


YouTube video: Spyce Kitchen

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