JABTalk Android App

If you are looking for a free Android Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) app to communicate with child who needs assistance with verbal communication, you may want to try this free app called JABtalk.

You can create/customize your personal communication sets by taking pictures or using the existing photos on your phone or tablet. For example, you can record words or sentences with your voice and associate to the image. It is recommend that you plan ahead and decide what categories you need in your daily conversation with the child so that you can organize words and sentences into user-defined categories to make it easier to use.

JABtalk can be beneficial not only for expanding communication skills for child at home, but it is also suitable for learning in a classroom setting. It offers one-click navigation with physical feedback (vibration). It is easy to rearrange and resize pictures, and supports text-to-speech. If you are creating audio recording on a computer, you can use an audio program such as Audacity. It can run on a Kindle-Fire tablet in addition to Android device. Listed below are a few tutorial videos on their website. More information, go to: http://www.jabstone.com/

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