A stairlift (or chair lift) is a motor-powered chair that moves along a track on a straight or curved staircase. Indoor and outdoor models are available on the market. Persons with limited mobility can sit on the lift chair and travel up or down the stairs. In most cases, a person can operate a button or a switch that is located near or on the armrest of the chair. It is battery operated so you can use during a power outage. It is usually installed to the treads of the stairs and not the wall. You can fold up the stairlift’s arms, seat, and footrest when it is not in use.

Unfortunately Medicare does not cover stairlifts. It is recommend that you ask yourself some questions before you select a stairlift that is right for you such as:
Temporary or permanent, what size (weight), type of stairs you have, a door close to your stairs, swivel seats, safety belts, battery backup, foot rest, folding rails, etc. You may have an option of trying different stairlifts in a showroom or rent one for a while, depending on the manufactures.

Some companies offer products to install by yourself ($1500 – $3000). According to Home Adviser, the national average of stairlift installation by a professional costs between $2400 and $6000.


A few Stair Lift Companies’ list: Click here

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