Power attachment for Manual Wheelchair

Pushrim-propelled wheelchairs are light and easy to use indoors because of their good indoor maneuverability but are not as easy to get around outdoors.  Electric Attachable Handcycle for Wheelchair may benefit manual wheelchair users who like to go outdoors often or need to travel an extended distance daily. Electric Attachable Handcyle converts a manual wheelchair into a motorized wheelchair capable of speeds up to 12 mph.

Some users stated that electric handcycle wheelchair can help them steer their wheelchairs easily outdoors, travel faster, and handle bumpy terrain better. Although the speed slows down on steep hills, and the performance is poor on grass surface, users enjoy more independence and freedom. Feedback about its disadvantages are: these electric handcycle wheelchair attachments are expensive, assembling mechanism may be difficult for some users, insurance companies may not cover the cost, and repairs may be a challenge if it breaks down, and accidents (i.e. falling) may occur more often due to its increased speed. It may require assistance to connect and disconnect the handcyle attachment from your wheelchair. However, it may be an effective solution for the active wheelchair users to get around outdoors.

There are a few manufactures make electric handcycle wheelchairs attachment for wheelchairs.  Example:  Freedom-Cycle DXM-36        Firefly Fully Electric attachment

It is recommended that you find out if they offer a loaner for a trial period before you purchase and what type of maintenance and support are available after the purchase. Some product information through online may not be updated frequently, and the customer services and support may vary (i.e. imported products).

A much more costly option, but you may find that adding a device called the SmartDrive electric power system onto your manual wheelchair may also fit to your daily activities. Here is a comparison between SmartDrive MX2 vs Rio Mobility Firefly.

A YouTube video by the CIL

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