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As you may have noticed, many students prefer to learn in digital learning environments today. Take for example, in learning math (mathematics), students may have difficulties to comprehend the relationship between a number and a graph on a piece of a paper. Calculators can be helpful for some students, but parents and teachers may still need more effective methods to help learners in solving math problems. Online tools and apps may be able to motivate students to tackle math problems and more closely match their learning style.  Here are some online examples that are available to use for free.

Geogebra  (URL:

It is an online drawing and graphing tool. You can type in an equation, and the geogebra tool draws its graph on screen. You can export the graph and review it later. In addition, if you draw a shape or line within the virtual graph paper, Geogebra will convert it into an equation. The tool also has a built-in calculator.

Image: Geogebra screen
Geogebra screen

 WebMath (URL:

Webmath is an online calculator and problem solver web site that answers to specific math questions and problems such as counting coins, calculating area, solving calculus equations. Webmath provides the answer, but also the tool gives you a step-by-step explanation of solving the problem.


WebMath-Available Help

Wolfram Alpha  (URL:

I have found the Wolfram Alpha online tool interesting. It covers variety of subjects in Mathematics, Science & Technology, Society & Culture, and Everyday Life.

You can use it from the Wolfram Alpha website or if you need to use the tool frequently, you can install the extension in your browser from Chrome Google store from this link:

Once you install it, you will see the extension in your chrome browser.

Wolfram Alpha extension



Electricity and Magnetism / Analyze an RLC circuit:
By using the following value, RLC circuit 8ohm, 12mH, 200mF, 120 Hz

It returned the results as follows.
RLC circuit calculation result


More examples can be found at:

In addition, you can find other Math extensions from the Chrome Google store and use them in your Chrome browser.  One example is:

Cloudy Calculator  can provides an answer by not only entering questions with an equation format but also with a sentence.  You can find the extension at the following URL:

For example, I typed the following questions and returned the answers.

population of DC =
693,972 (2017)

cube root of 109 =

Sample calculations

Today’s technology offers everyone the ability to solve problems that used to be difficult and often require the assistance of a STEM graduate. These online tools can replace the expense of a $100+ graphing calculator with the same or even superior capability and offer a step-by-step solution for many types of problems.

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