EksoGT and eksoZeroG / eksoVest

According to Ekso Bionics, each year as many as 500,000 individuals experience a spinal cord injury and 15 million others suffer a stroke.  So when I saw a trailer of the Avengers with Iron Man, I thought it would be exciting if a wearable device could help persons with disabilities gain their mobility and independence.

Ekso Bionics is developing wearable devices to help the recovery process within a clinical setting. EksoGT  is a robotic wearable exoskeleton, which is an FDA approved product for individuals with hemiplegia due to stroke. Over 200 clinical centers worldwide use EKsoGT for their patients during their rehabilitation treatments. Ekso Bionics clinical studies indicate that their EksoGT gait training rehabilitation for stroke victims improves their functional mobility and may improve walking without the device.  In addition, Ekso Bionics developed eksoZeroG and eksoVest, which help productivity for construction workers and reduce their fatigue in the work environment.

EksoGT (Clinical Rehabilitation setting)

Patient Selection Examples for Rehabilitation using Medical EksoGT
(Taken from YouTube)

Additional patient stories (videos): https://eksobionics.com/eksohealth/patients/

eksoZeroG (Construction work settings)
Reduction in Fatigue for AWP or Scaffolding construction workers
(Taken from YouTube)

Additional workers stories (videos): https://eksobionics.com/eksoworks/customer-testimonials/

Product information about EksoGT: EksoGT

Product information about eksoZeroG: eksoZeroG

Product information about eksoVest:  eksoVest


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