AVA – app for deaf or hard-of-hearing

Deaf or hard-of-hearing persons have challenges in communicating with others in their daily life. Especially in a group conversation settings such as meetings or social gatherings with friends and family, it is difficult for them to participate in conversations. If your closest friends, coworkers, and relatives are open to trying a solution for deaf or hard-of-hearing persons, an app called “AVA” will help to increase their involvement and encourage their interactions. Expanding and encouraging to create an environment to include deaf and hard-of-hearing persons in social, work, and school settings is essential.

Ava offers two plans. You can join Ava conversations for a free or a paid plan. The free plan allows 1 or more friends to use for up to 5 hours per month. The other plan is real-time captioning with 1 or more friends, with no monthly limit for $29.99/mo. Ava can understand and transcribe 12 spoken languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Thai, Chinese, German, Italian, and Norwegian.

To use Ava, you need to install the app on your smartphone (i.e. iPhone/Android) and will need to create an account and allow access to your camera on your phone. You can use the app on one-on-one conversation on your phone or you can use it in a group setting. In a group setting, it is best to ask others to install on their smartphones. Within the app, use the option of sending “invite” from your contacts. Then a written text will be sent to the person with instructions of how to install AVA app. Or if you are in the same room and would like to speed up to add people, you can use the QR code button on top-right and share the QR code to each person. Next time you can just tap “green Connect” to include the person in the conversation.

Some users reported that the accuracy is not 100% and depends on how you use the app. For example, the distance of about a foot from the speaker is about 85-95% accuracy. The noise and the accent of the speaker and rapid speech may reduce this accuracy rate. Use of wired microphone may increase the accuracy. In addition, captions are normally displayed between 1-3 seconds after words are spoken; however, if you have a slow internet connection, you may experience a delay in captioning.

The following are a YouTube video of this app, AVA, and its installation/configuration instructions.

Ava 1.0 – How it works (YouTube posted by AVA)

How to install and configure on your smartphone: Instructions and configurations

Additional information: AVA Help link

Additional YouTube video (no Caption): YouTube (how to)

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