Encouragement and Success

Today is the last day of 2016 so instead of talking about technology, I would like to express my appreciation to the educators, rehabilitation counselors, practitioners, caregivers, parents, and their family members who are helping individuals with disabilities. I encourage everyone to acknowledge the many supporters who are working together every day for these individuals with special needs.

At the same time, as a word to these supporters, please remember that these individuals may be very thankful for your support, but they may not have the ability to express their appreciation, so please continue to be a part of their team to help their future.

You may be supporting adults or children with disabilities who are visually impaired, hard of hearing or deaf, amputees, suffer from spinal cord injuries, afflicted by multiple sclerosis, head injury, cerebral palsy, autism or other related intellectual disabilities.  I would like you to see the following YouTube video about Dillan to demonstrate how technology is helping to bridge communication gaps and how a person with autism like Dillan can achieve and maintain successful, active lifestyles.

(Dillan’s Path – Taken from YouTube Science & Technology 2016)

Happy New Year!

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