Lifetone Fire Alarm Clock

The Lifetone HL™ (HLAC151) Bedside Fire Alarm clock with low-frequency sounder and a bed shaker alarm (optional equipment) offers multisensory alerts (audible, visual, tactile). This alarm clock placed by a bed may help alarming children, seniors, and persons with hearing loss while they are sleeping.

Lifetone Fire Alarm Clock - How it works

Lifetone Fire Alarm Clock

According to a few YouTube postings, it looks like this Bedside Fire Alarm Clock has been available to public for the last 5 years.

Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office (with an ASL  interpreter)
YouTube video by rockridenhour (2011)

Most residential building codes require compliant T3 smoke alarms since 1999. According to the manufacture, Lifetone, this bedside fire alarm and clock can detect the T3 pattern from a fire detector alarm and activates a loud, low (520 Hz) multiple frequency alarm for 10 minutes or until it is turned off. In addition to the alarm, the word “FIRE” will appear and flash on the screen. An optional tactile Bed Shaker may be helpful to alert deaf individuals in their beds.

A few helpful maintenance and troubleshooting tips are:  if the optional Lifetone Bed Shaker is used and becomes unplugged, this alarm clock offers a few warning indications. You will see the word “bedS” and a flashing bed shaker icon on the screen and will hear a low-frequency chirp will sound every 5 seconds.  When the batteries are installed or not charged for 24 hours of battery operation, you will see the word “BATT” on the screen and will hear a “chirp” sound. You will feel the bed shaker “twitch” at one minute intervals when a bed shaker is used.

For more information:

Lifetone Fire Safety Company Website:

Additional installation information (video): Lifetone Fire Alarm Clock

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