Smart light bulb

Smart light bulb may be a product you should consider not only for making your daily routines easier for turning on and off light switches in the house, but also as an option for persons who have difficulty reaching a standard height light switch. In most cases, home automation systems require a hub or a controller, but some smart bulbs do not even require a main hub or a controller to operate.  By using Smart bulbs with wi-fi and a free app, you can control your lights from anywhere in the world with your Smartphone or tablet. If you do not have wi-fi at home, but your smartphone has Bluetooth, you may be interested in the bulbs that work with Bluetooth like HomeBrite Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb  and sell for $14.97. This particular one only works within the Bluetooth though range.

TikTeck LED  ( looks like one of the most affordable smart bulbs on the market. Their $9.99 for white bulb and $11.99 for colors gets you a color-changing bulb you can control with a smartphone or tablet without the need for a hub.  Instead, their free “Tikteck Wifi Control” app offers features to control a single bulb or a group of bulbs to control them remotely. Unfortunately, it looks like it is in high demand so you need to pre-order the smart light bulb.

Tickteck Smart Bulbs

TickTeck Smart bulbs (White, colors, and speaker lights)


TickTeck Smart Light – YouTube posted by  Zachary Anderson

More smart bulbs from different companies can be found here. By clicking each product, you can determine if the bulb you selected needs a hub or not.

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