Smartglasses for the visually impaired

A few years ago when a smart eyeglass product called Google Glass, a wearable computer with a head-mounted display, was introduced, many users liked the features such as taking clear high definition pictures and videos with their free hand, sending messages, getting directions and much more. However, persons who are legally blind or visually impaired have found great difficulty in using these glasses. It is a real challenge for researchers and developers to create a device that can provide an experience of sight for people who are blind or visually impaired.

Microsoft Cognitive Services has been developing Intelligence Application Program Interface (API) which runs on a wearable Pivothead smartglass. The smartglass product is not available to the public yet. One of Microsofts’ engineers is legally blind and working on this project (The video link is below).  The smartglass will analyze and translate the image in front of the person and speak when the user swipes the touch panel on the glass to take a photo. It is exciting when the device translates not only the image to speech but also describes what the person is doing, what they are wearing, their gender, age, and especially what emotions they are expressing at that moment.

Microsoft Cognitive Services: Introducing the Seeing AI project

Another wearable glasses for the visually impaired are OrCam ( The company will soon launch OrCam MyMe, a wearable personal assistant. The price may be quite expensive for general consumer.

OrCam: See for yourself


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