AutoMath Photo app for Android

AutoMath Photo app for Android has been downloadable from Google Play for over a year so you might have already tried the app by now. Unfortunately, it still cannot always recognize your handwritten equations, as AutoMath answers math questions by taking a photo of equations.

AutoMath app screenshot

AutoMath screenshots (from left to right: Photo, Edit equation, and Graph modes)

The features include:

Step by step answers
No internet required
Can solve simple to advanced math questions
250+ Mathematical Functions

AutoMath Photo Calculator Currently supports:

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Fractions, Division, Inequalities, Powers, Polynomials, Linear Equations, Square Roots, Trigonometry, Algebra, Simplification, and Basic Algorithms

Not supported: Any other math problems such as calculus, systems of equations, complex math, graphing, table of values, and any functions not specifically mentioned.

However, Pocket Math Tutor is available if you sign up with fee: 24/7 Answers & Steps to all your math problems (including math word problems). It says your first question is free though.

It looks like how you take the picture of the printed equation matters the accuracy. For example, while testing, I have found out that if there is an extra line above of the equation, it takes as a fraction and ended up 0 divided by the equation. If you can take a picture by eliminating white spaces and focusing to the equation itself, Automath returns an accurate answer. The Edit mode option, which allows you to modify the equation or enter the equation instead of taking a picture, is helpful.

Automath provides step-by-step guidance to get the answer so you can understand how to solve the problem or graph it. The app may help you to recheck your work or learn to solve problems on the supported Math functions. Just be aware that a step-by-step solution may not be available depending upon the equation. Some users stated that taking a picture of each equation or understanding how to use the app is not easy.

Example Video :

Graphing Example :

Quick Mode Example :

You can download the app from this link: AutoMath

You may also want to compare another app called PhotoMath.

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