Be My Eyes – helping blind see

iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) are very popular among the visually impaired mobile device users. For example, most of them use VoiceOver, which is a gesture-based screen reader, and comes on IOS devices. Voice commands let the user schedule meetings, make phone calls, and look up the nearest stores or restaurants.

Be My Eyes app may be also helpful to have on their iOS devices. If blind persons are living alone or in new environments, they may need to identify the detailed descriptions of the pictures or objects. For example, they may want to know the expiration date on a food label, a picture description or identify something in their new surroundings, but no one is around to help them, this app could help them. Be My Eyes is an app that visually impaired persons can connect with volunteer helpers from the world via live video chat.

Be My Eyes – helping blind see

After you install this app, you sign up as either a person needing help or as a volunteer person, who can help blind or a visually impaired person. If you speak more than one language, you can help people around the world.  When the CBS news talked about this app in February 2015, the volunteer number was about 114k. Now the number of volunteers increased more than double in August 2015 (289k).

Technology solutions for the visually impaired are not all available, and unfortunately, when it comes to funding, iOS devices are not easy for those with low-income to acquire. However, if you are an iOS user, you can be one of remote volunteer helpers by installing “Be My Eyes” app in new ways to help the visually impaired.   Here is the Be My Eyes app link to download.

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