Mounting systems and holders

Mobile devices such as iOS and Android phones and tablets have become a necessity in our daily activities. These portable devices are popular among wheelchair users as well, but some users with limited hand dexterity face challenges to use their mobile devices at home as well as when they travel.

You may be familiar with the mounting systems or accessories from Enablemart, Ablenet and RJ Cooper (Click each company name to find more information about their products). These products help mobile users with limited hand dexterity to access a computer or mobile devices. Their products can cost anywhere from $130 and $380.

If you are looking for a less expensive holder for a cellphone or a tablet, you may be able to use the following options. A product called CellHandle, can help holding a cell phone or can be used as a kick stand.   It uses a rotatable, removable clip with Velcro, which helps a user prevent dropping a phone. The company also offers a product called e-Handle for small tablet and iPad Mini. These products cost about $10 to $20.

CellHandle and E-Handle

CellHandle and E-Handle

Another company, LabWorks offers similar holders. Here is one of the LabWorks products ($35).

LabWorks Tabletholder1

LabWorks Tablet holder

If you are looking for an inexpensive mounting system, you may find this iPad/Smart phone holder interesting. The mounting system or holder’s costs about $70. You can find more information about the cost and warranty at: iPad/Cellphone holder –


Wheelchair88 iPad / Smartphone holder for Wheelchair

A video 1: how to install a Wheelchair88 holder to a wheelchair.

A video 2: how to attach an iPad to the holder.

The following product is not a mounting system for mobile devices but for umbrellas. You may find the following mounting holder mount useful when you or a wheelchair user would like to go out in a rainy day.

Sinuote umbrella holders for bike, wheelchair, and stroller

Sinuote umbrella holders for bike, wheelchair, and stroller

Sinuote Umbrella Connector Holder for bike, wheelchair, and stroller ($10.25)

These mounting systems and holders help persons with disabilities reduce fatigue while using devices or making technologies accessible to them so that they can expand their daily activities.

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