YouTube Kids app

YouTube Kids is a free app from Google.  This YouTube Kids app includes age-appropriate videos, popular children channels, and playlists. A few examples of programming playlists are from Sesame Street, POCOYO, LEGO, Little Baby Bum, EvanTube, Stampylonghead, and more. In addition, the app also features kid-friendly educational content for older children from many resources (i.e. TED-Ed). The settings for parents include options to turn on or off background music, Search options, and a built-in timer to stop playing or limit the length of activities. These settings are helpful so that you do not need to search videos randomly and narrow the purpose the activities. The navigation buttons include Recommended, Shows, Music, Learning, and Explore.

YouTube Navigation buttons

YouTube Navigation buttons

Sesame St / Ted Ed

Examples: Sesame Street / Ted Ed screens

I think this app can be used not only among parents at home, but also teachers to create activities for their students in classrooms. For example, by using children favorite characters and scenes in the app, children can create their own stories as shown in the YouTube video below.

This app is available for both Android and IOS devices.

YouTube kids free app for Android devices.
YouTube Kids from App for IOS devices:


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