Kenguru Car

Some individuals with disabilities can get around town with their manual wheelchairs, but often they have to rely on public transportation or a local van ride. These wheelchair users can really expand their daily activities by this Kenguru Car by being able to do their own errands. You can drive directly from a wheelchair via the rear-opening tailgate. It has a motorbike style handlebar, and a joystick style may be available in the future. Max. Speed 25 miles per hour and you can travel 30 miles on a single charge. It fits nearly anywhere, as it is 83.6 in long, 63 in wide and 60 in tall. Although it has been around for several years, the Kenguru was originally designed by a Hungarian company and a co-founder, Istvan Kissaroslaki. Later he started working with Stacy Zoern (She is also a wheelchair user), in Texas, USA. They made Kenguru car available in US. I do not know the cost as of today, but it was around $25,000 originally. I am hoping that government will provide funding to the people who can benefit from driving this car.

Video: Kenguru Yellow
This video is showing how to access and drive the Kenguru car.

Video: Interview with Stacy Zoen

More information about Kenguru car:

Possible funding for accessible van?


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