Braille Fone – OwnFone

Many iPhone users, who are blind, have become accustomed to use voice over or Siri when they make or receive calls. However, these features may be difficult for children, seniors or those who have cognitive challenges. Braille phones are now available from a company called, OwnFone (, in UK. It costs about £40 to £70 ($70 to $110 in US dollars). Users can use either word or image buttons. The 3D-printed hardware provides raised text or braille. This phone is not a smartphone, but you can store phone numbers in the Cloud for future changes and adaptability. The phone can be useful for simple emergencies for cognitive or visually challenged users. I hope that 3-D printing technology will bring the manufacturing costs down further so that it will become more affordable to anyone that has a need for this type of phone when it becomes available internationally.

Web link: UK Inventor of OwnFone on the world’s first customizable mobile


Braille Phone - OwnFone

Braille Phone – OwnFone

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