AllAccess app

I often use Siri to locate some restaurants nearby when I visit different locations. However, I was always wondering if there is a better app for VoiceOver users.

The app called All Access offers the information about not only Food & Drink but also different categories such as Health & Services, Auto & Travel, Shopping, Scan codes, and more. So I tried this app using the VoiceOver. It is very easy to navigate. For example, from the Food/Drink button, when you select restaurants’ types (i.e. Asian, American, All Types, etc.) and select your choice of a restaurant, you can access the information from separate buttons such as the restaurant’s Menu, Maps, phone, specials, and hours, all of which can be read aloud. This is helpful for everyone because you sometimes cannot read the Menu easily from their website.


An example of using the Food & Drink selection (AllAccess App)

I also liked the organized design, which means that the app covers your different needs so it provides a quick access to what you need without looking for other apps on your phone. For example, the app came in handy when I needed to find a dentist list or using the scan code app while shopping. I may be using this app more often without bothering Siri on my iPhone. However, if you live in a remote area with limited cell phone or no Wi-Fi coverage, you will experience poor performance.  It is free from Apple App store.  Web link: AllAccess



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