E-bot and E-bot ADV

HIMS (www.hims-inc.com) will start shipping E-bot and E-bot ADV this June 2014.

What is E-bot?  E-bot and E-bot ADV are portable read, write, and various distance video magnifiers with OCR (ADV model exclusive). The E-bot supports iPad or Android tablet, PC or Mac. The device makes use of familiar touch-screen gesture controls on your tablet so you can connect your iPad or Android Tablet via dedicated wireless access point. You can also connect with Mac with USB 3.0 or PC via USB 2.0/3.0. It has automatic light adjustments and voice guides (i.e. adjustable Zoom levels by voice).

I have used a few OCR apps on iPad, but it is not always easy to hold the device steady while capturing an image. So I like the design allowing you to place a document on a desk to stabilize it and wirelessly connect to view or OCR the image.

I can imagine that teachers and students would like the features such as capturing the image on the screen, then listen to it read aloud or seeing what is on blackboards to help their classroom activities.

capturing an image through e-bot and viewing from an iPad

image: capturing an image through e-bot and viewing from an iPad

More information

The product information on the HIMS website: E-bot / E-bot ADV HD

PATINS TV: March 18th, 2014: Episode_38


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