Wearable Ear Computer

Jody Ranck (GIGAOM Research, July 2012) reported that advances in materials science, battery power, augmented reality and chip evaluation have made the possibilities for wearables grow rapidly. These “Wearables” are commuting devices that are always on, always accessible and easily worn on the body. The wearable computing devices generally offer features such as real-time information access, data input, local storages, and communication.

I posted articles about Google Glass and the Smart watch last year. Wearable computing (or wearables) has continued to evolve into a consumer technology. While searching for what is coming next, I came across a device called “Earclip-type Wearable PC”. The prototype devices are tested by researchers at the Hiroshima City University in Japan. It is a small computer (weighing in at 17 grams) that can be worn around the ear and can be controlled by facial expressions such as the blink of an eye, a raised eyebrow, a stuck-out tongue, a wiggle of the nose or by clenching your teeth. The user does not need to use either hand so this device can serve as “a third hand”, a real benefit for people with disabilities. This wireless device has Bluetooth capability to connect to your smartphone, GPS, compass, gyro-sensor, battery, barometer, speaker and microphone. It can be used as a hearing aid.   A second version of the device may include a tracking feature to watch after an elderly family member. We may be able to see this device on the market later next year around Christmas 2015.


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