HP Prime: Color Graphing Calculator

I recently purchased a scientific touchscreen calculator for my husband’s birthday.  Without knowing too much about this calculator, I have become very interested in some of its features.  This HP Prime calculator has an interactive, 3.5 inch multi-touch color display screen with the familiar HP keypad. You can change the font size and set for a custom color theme.  While the calculator has 3 Font sizes to select from, I would like to see an even larger font size for persons with low vision. The calculator offers both Algebraic (typical calculator keystroke entry) and RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) mode for entry. It is easily switched between symbolic, graphical, and numerical table views. This calculator can help you learn math concepts with Dynamic Geometry, CAS (Computer Algebra System), Advanced Graphing, and spreadsheet applications.  CAS is a software program that facilitates symbolic mathematics (i.e. it can solve the algebra or calculus for the student).  However, the feature can be disabled for testing purposes. Additionally their HP Solve feature provides customization by storing equations and solving for variables. The calculator can have wireless connectivity by purchasing a wireless dongle connected to a PC’s USB port and Internet access. If you are a college student or professional who is not restricted to TI (Texas Instrument calculator), you may want to consider this calculator. I would like to see the HP developer will add speech output on this calculator.


YouTube video: HP Prime: Color Graphing Calculator  

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3 Responses to HP Prime: Color Graphing Calculator

  1. Mr. Moo. says:

    Some of the printing on the keypad is very even hard for people of normal vision to read. It would not take to long, maybe a couple of weeks to memorize the location of often used symbols but … it’s not best. It would also be nice to provide somesort of audio feedback … it has no beeper. The keys make a “click” you can hear and feel however.

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