Emergency Preparations

Do you have plans for emergency situations? Many resources, helpful suggestions, and check lists are available on the internet, but we often neglect taking the time to plan how we can act for emergency situations such as Fire, Earthquake, Storms, etc. If you are or have an individual with special needs in your family, it is recommended that you have your own plans as well as discuss these plans with your family and others.

Here are some resources to get you started:

For people with children, children may enjoy playing the following games while they are learning.  Click the following:  Disaster Master Game or copy the following address to your browser. http://www.ready.gov/kids/games/data/dm-english/index.html

Disaster Master Game

Disaster Master Game

The image shows the Game selections from Level 1 through 8.  Level 1-Wildfire, Level 2-Tornado, Level 3, Hurricane/Blackout, Level 4-Home Fire, Level 5: Winter Storm/Extreme Cold, Level 6: Tsunami/Earthquake, Level 7: Thunderstorm/Lightning, and Level 8: The Hot Seat.

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