Socially Speaking app – Social Skills Assessment

Penina Rybak, MA/CCC-SLP, TSHH, the designer of the “Socially Speaking” app, posted an article in the Closing Gap magazine about IPad use for  children diagnosed Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).  In the article, she reported that many special education teachers recognize the importance of visual supports for Autism. Many teachers have used therapeutic techniques and reputable programs such as PECS, TEACH, Social Stories, and Visual Strategies. However, there is a growing interest in finding evidence about how to work with ASD students using technology, particularly iOS apps. Some examples of apps that can be integrated into the classrooms are photo apps, flashcard apps, drawing apps, and social story apps, AAC apps, problem-solving apps, and multimedia apps. However, Ms. Rybak states that it is more beneficial to use of an IPad by customization to meet each child’s needs. The app, “Socially Speaking”, designed by Ms. Ryback is an assessment protocol containing two assessment checklists: social skills development and a lesson plan template.  This app can be used to determine the children’s IEP goals among team members and the lesson plans both for school/therapy and at home. (For more information, click here.)



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