Digital Problem Solver (DPS) app

An Autistic child is an individual with unique needs. One example can be on how to cope with his or her feelings. The Social Express Inc. develops apps, which are designed to teach users how to think about and manage social situations. For example, the Digital Problem Solver (DPS) app (99 c) allows the user to identify how they are feeling by choosing from a selection of emotions (Bored, Happy, Surprised, Mad, Annoyed, Sad, Frustrated, Scared)   Once you identify your feeling, then you will be guided  to choose a coping strategy to help you control the situation. Strategies include: Take Five Deep Breaths, Take a Break to Calm Down, Remind Myself to Keep positive Thoughts In My Head (or learn how to control negative comments). If controlling the situation is more complex, the pictures can be personalized by adding text to label the feeling or the strategy.  You can also use your own photos and customize to your specific needs.


Additional product information from the Social Express Inc.

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