Reminder Apps

I attended a Webinar sponsored by RESNA the other day. In this webinar, Tony Gentry, PhD OTR/L presented how apps and strategies can be used with smart phones, PDAs, or tablet computers to help veterans with cognitive-behavioral challenge related Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Here are a few of apps introduced during the webinar and plus additional reminder apps.  I am planning to add more information about productivity apps in my next post.

Reminder apps:

Due ($4.99):  This app is simple to use, no account to create, no start or end date to set, no need to prioritize, tag nor categorize.

TellMeLater (99c): This app allows you to create quick and simple reminders.

BugMe! Stickies ($1.99):Notepad with Alarms: This app replace those paper sticky notes with handwritten or text notes on your iPhone and iPad.

Stick-it iPhone Sticky Notes (free or a Pro version for 99c): Sticky Notes isn’t just a note taking and organizing app but also you can add alarms to the note reminders.



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