Google Glass

What are Wearable computers?  According to the Wikipedia, “Wearable computers, also known as body-borne computers are miniature electronic devices that are worn under, with or on top of clothing.”

Adib Ghubril, a Research analyst and Director at Gartner’s Technology, noted that “Wearable computers are certainly getting more hype” and selected Google Project’s Glass is the hottest wearable computer last summer in the Networkworld magazine. Then, the Technology section of the online Time magazine in November, 2012, picked Google Glass as “Best Inventions of the Year 2012.”

Google Project Glass is a new type of wearable computer built into the frame of a pair of glasses so users can take and share photos, check appointments, access maps, and surf the Web.  If you have not watched any Google Project Glass videos, here are some YouTube video links from 2012.

Google is holding its first developer workshops in January 2013. Once developers can start coming up with applications for use on the Google devices, technology interaction for people with disabilities should be coming soon.

Google Glass

If you want to know more about Google Project’s Prototype Glass, you may want to watch this video titled, “Rapid prototyping – Tom Chi Google Glass from TEDEducation.

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