Graphing Calculators for High School Students

If you are considering a graphic calculator for High School, you may know about Texas Instrument TI 83 or TI 84 calculators, but have you ever considered an HP 39GS?

A video is dated 2010. The current price has been changed.

Some high-end calculator users prefer HP calculators. Here are some links about the HP 39GS calculator, which seem to have more math features and functions than the TI 84.

Colin Croft, “The HP Home view”
HP Aplet

If you have any opinions or experience, please share.

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2 Responses to Graphing Calculators for High School Students

  1. Colin Croft says:

    Two points that may be of interest to students with visual problems. Firstly, the 39gs (and the CAS version of the calculator, the 40gs) both have a button labelled “BIG” at the bottom of the screen in almost all table views. Pressing this gives a larger font that’s easier to see for students with eyesight issues.
    Secondly, on the Utilities page at my site (The HP Homeview mentioned in the main blog) you can find a free PC emulator of the calculator that runs under Windows (98/XP/Vista/7). This emulator has a variety of skins and one of them is a skin that I created for a student of mine who had severe vision problems and was transitioning to Braille. It’s a version of the keyboard with large keys and very high contrast colours. The drawback is that it’s a little ‘cut-down’ in that it doesn’t show most of the 2nd and 3rd functions on the keys so as to reduce visual confusion. This means that the user has to memorise the locations of many of the shift functions instead of being able to see them. The trade-off in greater clarity of the image seemed worth it. You can find an image of the skin, showing the “big” list font, here:

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