Have you heard about the Speech-to-Speech (STS) service?

A founder of STS, Dr. Bob Segalman (known as Dr. Bob) declared that “Daily independence is often taken for granted.”

Dr. Bob wanted to enable People with Speech Disabilities (PSDs) to have an accessible telephone service. This service, called Speech-to-Speech (STS) provides Communication Assistants (CA’s) for people with difficulty being understood by the public on the telephone. It is available for business, medical, and personal communication.

We would like to make people aware of this service.  For DC residents, Mr. David Bauer, the founder of the Cerebral Palsy Group (http://www.thecpgroup.org/) and Matt Myrick, Channel Manager from AT&T will be able to demonstrate how this service works for us.  In addition, the founder of the STS Service, Dr. Segalman will be able to attend the session remotely.  We are planning this session in March. Please contact me at democenter@uls-dc.org for more information. For those who are not able to join us, please visit the website to find more information. http://www.speechtospeech.org/

A picture taken from Speech to Speech website

A picture taken from Speech to Speech website

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