Benefits of Assistive Technologies in schools

Assistive Technologies are the tools and strategies that help individuals with disabilities increase new ways to “assist” interactions and learning.

I think that assistive technologies help promoting independent participation in classrooms. Low-tech to high-tech assistive technology can provide customized access to the general curricula for students with disabilities expand classroom curricula.  Assistive technologies can help increasing their social, physical, and communication abilities.

To promote the use of assistive technologies in school, I asked a few teachers the following questions.

1. Do you use Assistive Technology at your school? If you do, what do you use?

2. If you have any assistive technology success story, would you mind sharing it?  (If you did not experience directly, do you think assistive technology will help your students.)

3. What areas of technology do you think you will need most?

A teacher’s response 1:

A teacher’s response 2 (read by a volunteer):

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4 Responses to Benefits of Assistive Technologies in schools

  1. …in response to Teacher #1’s Response; WOW… some really great things happening there! One thing to sort of keep in mind is that we really need to be moving more toward a more Universally Designed Instructional Environment, where all students have access to the accessible technologies they might potentially need. For example, have text to speech on every computer in the building could be done for free, very quickly and easily and would be there for all the students who might potentially benefit. It’s also strongly supported in the research. Another thing that came to mind is when you mentioned that you’d like to have Dragon Speech To Text on some computers to pass around. I just wanted to make sure you were aware that Dragon is free for the iPhone/iPad and might even work with the iTouch w/external mic. …this could potentially be a much cheaper way to get more students access to it than laptops. Netbooks might be another option. I have Dragon installed on a $250 netbook that loan to teachers to use with students for trial purposes.

  2. Michael Desautels says:

    You have set up a great tool for teachers, students and parents. I see this becoming a valuable resource for them to use. I’m interested in how you inserted the voice responses. Is there an easy way for people to comment this way? Nice work.

  3. Spot On says:

    Your ideas sound very practical and cost effective. Its nice to know that low cost solutions are available and used whenever possible to help the disadvantaged and these solutions are not out of reach or affordability.

  4. leonjhon says:

    Good post & also better solution….

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